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It was not until the age of 46 that I became truly concerned with my overall physical well-being. I felt pretty indestructible (served in Vietnam, closing in on 4,500 parachute jumps and enjoying an exciting military career). In April of 1989, during a routine physical, a nurse was drawing blood from my arm. As the blood was entering the tube, there were white particles in the blood sample. My cholesterol turned out to be borderline 400. Outwardly, I was a physical specimen, exercising regularly and leading by example. The only sign I had of an advanced heart disease symptom was an alarming steady decline in my aerobic capacity, which was previously attributed to the normal aging process. Until that blood sample, my eating was for taste, convenience and pleasure with little regard to quality. I did not realize my health was in danger.

Understanding and giving my body the proper nourishment and adequate rest, combined with the exercising, would have to become part of my everyday existence.

I now derive great pleasure from my eating habits. I have developed the capacity to enjoy the simplest and most nutritious foods. My cholesterol reading is now 172. I can only speculate how the years of neglect and abuse have cost me in healthful longevity. My positive attitude makes me grateful for the wisdom gained.

At my retirement physical, my doctor determined that my parachute jumps had left me with a skeletal system of a 70-year-old. My spine was compressed (enlisted height of 71", retired height of 69 & current height of 67") and a left hip replacement would be necessary.

Note: In May, 2000, I had a left hip replacement. I had a bone fusion of C3, C4, & C5 with titanium plating in my neck in March of 2007.

Today, at 66, my life force is at a higher level than at any time in my life. The normal aging process is certainly going on. Yet, by continuing to care for my body, my vitality and love of life will endure throughout the coming years. This sensation of continued strength and energy is an exciting feeling. I can say with conviction that I look forward to my seventies and beyond. This belief is not due to genetics, luck or by accident. It is a well thought-out plan using my acquired knowledge and common sense.


As I started my military career, I remembered Grandpa Ernest telling me,

With that thought in mind, I enlisted for Airborne Infantry and vowed to volunteer for the most demanding units and associate myself with soldiers wanting to challenge themselves to be the best they could be.

I served in Vietnam with Special Forces as a Trainer/Advisor to a Cambodian Reconnaissance Platoon. Upon returning to the United States, I trained Ranger students for several years at the Eglin Air Force Base Ranger Camp in Florida, then was recruited by and served with Colonel Charlie Beckwith's Delta Force.

Eight years of my military career was spent with the Army's Golden Knight Parachute Team with two years as the Gold Demonstration Team Leader.

My next mission was at the Fort Benning Ranger Training Department for one year. My career with the Army ended with an Advanced Infantry Training Battalion. During my military career, the soldiers I served with were there because they wanted to be. We trained hard and we trained well.

At my retirement ceremony (November, 1990), a statement was made that I would no longer be able to find people with that type of determination in the civilian world . That statement did not ring true! I am still training people that love and respect themselves, honor and cherish life and are willing to make a COMMITMENT to IMPROVE their QUALITY of LIFE by BEING ALL THEY CAN BE!



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